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Audi together with Care’s: ethics and consistency, the ingredients of the future

On the one hand the idea of a kitchen that you respect the rhythms of an extreme nature such as the one in the Dolomites, enhancing the excellence of the territory and building a supply chain that safeguard local producers. On the other, the commitment to zero-impact mobility, not only through electric models, but through creation a circular economy that reduces the environmental footprint of the company as a whole. TO Bruneckon the occasion of the second stage of the culinary event Care’s On Tourits creator Norbert Niederkoflermulti-starred chef, e Fabrizio Longor, director Audi Italythey confronted each other on sustainability and innovation360 degrees.

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“When years ago we began to familiarize people with electric mobility, we knew we were meant to be delicate» began Longo, having arrived at the appointment with the new one Q8 e-tron. «We have created around us a system of people and companies that have shared our philosophy, allowing us to be faster in adding value to our presence». “It happened to me too something similar», replied Niederkofler, author of the project Cook The Mountain. “At first I didn’t realize how complicated it was build a supply chain who worked directly with the producers, without intermediaries».

Watch the full video of the conversation on the dedicated platform

“They served approx five years to create a circular economy», added the chef, paving the way for the attention that Audi – ga long time ago – reserves the electrification of the range and, more generally, the protection of the planet. «Today our full electric cars are a zero emissions on the road but also in the factories where they are produced, which are carbon free» recalled Longo. «By 2025 all the factories Audi they will be carbon free: thus, by 2030, we want reduce our environmental footprint by 50%. compared to the starting date, i.e. 2018″. It is the reversal of the paradigm.

Watch the full video of the conversation on the dedicated platform

«Until a few years ago the car industry had one extractive conceptiontoday is becoming regenerative: forces you to think in a manner circulara series of causes, consequences and effects that lead you to be actually virtuous». “Yes, because the important thing is to move from words to action,” said Niederkofler. «In my kitchen, for example, we understood that we had to do a reset, close all people and create a new approach, a new respect. I gave a blank sheet to my boys and I told them to have fun: that was the playing field, they couldn’t go outside, there were some fixed rules».

Watch the full video of the conversation on the dedicated platform

«And, given the results, this makes you understand how sustainability is not a contradictory concept with respect to quality and emotion» noted Longo. «As for the facts, in Audi, I think about the steel recycling, which today allows us to recover almost 95%. I’m thinking about using renewable: today we work on the entire industrial set-up such as 45%, but we have plants that they work 100% with renewables: in Hungary we have the largest photovaltic in Europe, as big as 22 football fields. I think about wasting water and to one of our factories in Mexico which works 100% with resorption, zero waste water».

Watch the full video of the conversation on the dedicated platform

«The point is that every company will increasingly count nnot just with the product or service which will bring to market, but it will also be evaluated in terms of ethics and consistency» concluded Longo. «I believe that tomorrow’s consumer will be very demanding not just on the essence of the final product, but in reading like a certain company is proposing itself on the market». «It is very true, on this issue young people they have a higher sensitivity,” Niederkofler replied. “Here because I believe so much in the future».

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