AUKUS: Global unrest continues after the signing of the Agreement

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Australian diplomacy announced today that it was saddened by France’s decision to recall its ambassador to Canberra for consultations in Paris following the tripartite security agreement with the US and the UK, assuring that he attaches great value to the bilateral relationship and will seek to continue the dialogue on many other issues.

“We note with regret the decision by France to recall its ambassador to Australia,” a spokesman for the Australian Foreign Ministry said in a press release. “Australia values ​​its relationship with France (…). “We will seek to engage in dialogue with France again on many issues of mutual interest based on the values ​​we share,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

In the same vein, US diplomacy reaffirmed that Washington considers France a “vital ally” following Paris’ decision to recall ambassadors to Washington and Canberra for consultations in Paris following the US tripartite agreement. -United Kingdom-Australia on security sparking diplomatic crisis.

“France is a vital partner and our oldest ally” and “we attach the utmost value to our relationship”The State Department spokesman said in a press release that Washington hoped the debate would continue in the next few days, especially at the UN General Assembly in New York next week.

The United Kingdom acted opportunistically, in an “opportunistic way”, on the agreement reached between the United States of America and Australia A Canberra agreement with Paris on the supply of tens of billions of euros worth of French submarines to the Australian navy was canceled, a French diplomatic source said on Friday.

The UK government “joined this agreement in an opportunistic way,” the French diplomatic source said. «We do not need to consult with our ambassador (in London) in Paris to understand the situation and draw conclusions“, He added.

To date, the French Government has not referred to Britain in any of its official announcements of the agreement; Paris’s anger seems to be focused on the actions of Australia and especially the USA.

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