AUKUS: Macron-Biden telephone conference in the coming days

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The President of the United States Joe Biden asked to talk to his French counterpart Emanuel Macron following the cancellation of an order for French submarines from Australia and “there will be a telephone conversation in the coming days,” government spokesman Gabriel Atal said today.

For his part, Emanuel Macron will make “a request for clarification,” Atal said in a statement to BFMTV.

“We want explanations” about what “looks like a big breach of trust,” Atal said.

France recalls US, Australian ambassadors on Friday before two of its historic allies, following Australia’s decision to cancel the contract in favor of US submarines.

The meeting of the French-British Defense Ministers was canceled

France has canceled a meeting between Armed Forces Secretary Florence Parley and her British counterpart this week after Australia canceled a French submarine supply deal following a defense deal with the United States and Britain. sources.

The French and British Ministries of Defense have not yet commented on the matter.

Sources confirmed a report in the Guardian newspaper stating that the meeting was canceled.

The long-standing trouble between England and France is even more apparent in the impact of the AUKUS agreement

The relationship between the two traditional allies, which has recently been tested extensively by the Brexit deal and immigration on the English Channel, is now exacerbated by the deal, which hurts France’s interests and highlights security as another front of conflict.

The French minister Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, in his latest attack on Britain, described the country as “the last wheel of the wagonIn the controversial tripartite security agreement in the Pacific region between America – Australia – Britain, while he claimed that the United Kingdom “sees this cooperation opportunistically and as a way of proving that it is on the world map after Brexit”.

Berlin sided with France, with the German ambassador to the United Kingdom declaring that the agreement “threatens the cohesion and unity of the West”.

With no intention of calming the spirits, the new UK Foreign Secretary, Liz Trace, was quick to respond to her French counterpart in a letter to the Sunday Telegraph.

Liz Tras defended the agreement, insisting that “freedoms must be protected”, while recalling the UK’s position as “world leader and its readiness to defend itself against any threat”.

According to the British media, Britain did not have such a passive role in the AUKUS agreement. In June, at the G7 Summit in Cornwall hosted by Britain, the basis of the agreement was built under the noses of other leaders.

The controversial agreement was so secret that only ten people from the entire British government reportedly knew about it.

Sunday afternoon, Boris Johnson and Liz Trace flew to the United States. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to meet with President Joe Biden at the White House and the Secretary of State will attend the UN General Assembly in New York.

It is up to both, however, to establish the image of a dynamic United Kingdom that aspires to play a leading role on the world map.

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