Aurora Ramazzotti and Goffredo Cerza more in love than ever: “To us two”

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Air of crisis? Absolutely not, indeed, Aurora Ramazzotti and Goffredo Cerza they have never been so united. The latest confirmation, for the avoidance of any misunderstanding, they provided themselves, publishing three beautiful ones on social networks shots signed by Pierpaolo Ferreri: eye to eye, a rose in your hands, an unmistakable kiss, the usual complicity. “To us two” Aurora wrote to accompany the post, a virtual toast to a story that has always made her very happy.

The young presenter and her boyfriend already in recent days had found themselves denying the rumors of crisis.

“We are still here”, the reassuring words that accompanied a couple selfie. “If the newspapers write it then it’s true”, instead joked Goffredo, also on Instagram. Rumors of an alleged breakup had spread at the end of the summer holidays, launched by the weekly Spend, even if everything had seemed quite nebulous from the beginning because the photos of the holidays shared with the followers told a different story.

Together for four years, Aurora and Goffredo are a happy couple. “You changed my life e you keep doing it, inexplicably, every day», She had written last January to wish him birthday wishes. “With you I built the castle of love that I dreamed of reading books: your talking eyes, from the first day we met, have destroyed the foundations of Wall who defended me. And I will be forever grateful to you ».

In short, the crisis was only imagined.

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