Aurora Ramazzotti and Sara Daniele, best friends

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“Sometimes you choose the family,” he writes Aurora Ramazzotti next to a photo posted on Instagram, which sees her in a bikini next to her best friend Sara Daniele. United by being born and raised in the spotlight, the first daughter of Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker, the second of Pino Daniele and Fabiola Sciabbarrasi, the two have made friends in an unusual way.

As he tells the Corriere della Sera Aurora Ramazzotti, «those were the times when Facebook went crazy and fake fakes proliferated.

One day I am on the phone with my friend Leonetta Fendi and she tells me that Sara Daniele is there with her who wants to greet me. I confess that I did not associate the name with the father… He passes it to me and she enthusiastically says: “Hi Auri! How are you? ”, As if we knew each other very well. It turns out that he had been chatting with a fake profile of mine for months».

The two, we discover from the interview released by Aurora Ramazzotti, have opposite and complementary personalities, so much so that they describe themselves asand “Willy the Coyote and Beep Beep” (definition of Aury) e “Laurel and Hardy” (definition of Sara). As much Pino Daniele’s daughter is impulsive, Aurora Ramazzotti is so reflective, hence the perfect fit and a symbiotic relationship that has lasted for 12 years.

Passionate about travel, the two have shared many adventures around the world, including an unforgettable one volunteer experience in Peru, where – says Aurora – “we have built football and basketball fields, prefabricated houses in the favelas, rearranged schools”.

To conclude, love: Goffredo Cerza, Aurora Ramazzotti’s current boyfriend, was Sara Daniele’s classmate. She then went with Marco, introduced to her by Aury. Today the four are inseparable.

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