Aurora Ramazzotti shows her first white hair

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Well yes, the first white hair they can start to get noticed even on the hair of the 20 something. See the case of the always self-deprecating Aurora Ramazzotti, 24 years old, who dedicated a post on Instagram to her very first white threads. The fact that you need a maxi magnifying glass to see them is another matter. In the first of the three published photos, Aury appears alongside mom Michelle Hunziker and grandmother Ineke, writing as a caption: «Three generations and the one with the most white hair is me“. As some followers promptly pointed out, it is clear that it is much more easy to notice the graying when you have a dark hair base, as in his case.

Be that as it may, Aurora Ramazzotti certainly does not seem to have lost sleep over her first white threads. Also because today show yourself in public with regrowth or with gray and white hair is no longer a taboo, nor a problem for women, including celebs: da Kate Middleton a Katie Holmes, without forgetting the very elegant Letizia ortiz, queen consort of Spain, “white hair don’t care”. As Evelyn Saletti, hairstylist and colorist of the Mastromauro Hair & Beauty salon in Milan recalls, “when the white hair to cover is not yet too numerous, the advice is to opt for the henna dye, one hundred percent natural, curative, polishing and suitable for both blackberries, blondes and reds, customizable and intensifiable thanks to theaddition of pigments (in the living room). What matters is, at home, to set up the beauty routine using specific shampoo and conditioner for colored hair, applying a heat protection product to the hair before drying and styling ».

In gallery, some of the stars who have shown themselves with regrowth o white and gray hair (real or fake). Gorgeous as always, not sloppy at all.

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