Aurora Ramazzotti: “The happiness of seeing my parents become friends again”

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“It was a gesture of heart; in the last year many things have changed, they are back to being friends and for me it is a wonderful feeling ». Like this Aurora Ramazzotti, in an interview with Corriere della Sera he recounted the experience of the music video “Ama” shot with his parents Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker. «Last year for the first time in many years we all celebrated my birthday together, it is a circle that closes, for me and for them; it is also a beautiful message for the many who separate and think that relationships will never be recovered“.

An important experience that Aurora had also told on her Instagram page, dedicating a profound message to her parents on the occasion of the release of the music video. «Love is – really – the only thing that matters. I have to thank the two of them for teaching me. ‘

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Just returned from vacation in Formentera together with her inseparable companion Goffredo CerzaAurora is preparing for the evening of conducting Love Mi, the concert wanted by Fedez and J-Axa Milano, the proceeds of which will go to charity for TOG – Together To Gonon-profit organization engaged in the rehabilitation of children suffering from neurological diseases.

On that stage, Aurora Ramazzotti will find herself for the first time conducting a great live event. “People tend to think that if you are lucky and have a comfortable life you are not entitled to suffer, because they suffer more. My fear is not to live up to what others expect, the job I have chosen is defined by the judgment of other people, the public decides whether to go on or not “.

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«I have so many insecurities, even for being a daughter of art. Sometimes I wonder if I have chosen the right path, behind the scenes so many things happen that cannot be said but that can be painful ». And of the fundamental introspective work to feel good about oneself, Aurora has also often spoken on social media, reiterating the importance of loving oneself and also for this reason, do not underestimate the importance of take care of your mental health. «My mission – impossible – is to change people’s idea of ​​me: I know that no one can please everyone, but this perception continues to hurt me. And I know that a small part of me will continue to want to change the opinion of others and prove them wrong. “

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Source: Vanity Fair

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