Australia: Authorities warn of rising cases but also impact on economy from lockdown

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A new increase was recorded in coronavirus cases in Australia despite the lockdown app for weeks.

Authorities express concern and warn that infections could rise further but also for the potential impact on the economy, as the country struggles to cope with its spread Delta mutation which has high transmissibility.

New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, reported 124 new cases, up from 110 the previous day, the highest number of deaths this year and the highest number of deaths in 16 months.

Most cases were reported in the state capital, Sydney, which is in its fourth week of lockdown implementation.

The state of Victoria, which is entering the second week of lockdown, announced 26 new cases, compared to 22 the previous day.

“We expect the number of cases to continue to rise before it starts to decline and we need to prepare ourselves for this.” New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Beretziklian was quoted as saying by the Athens News Agency, citing local media.

The biggest concern is people who are still in the community before being diagnosed. Those people were 48 yesterday in New South Wales, according to state health officials.

Sydney is home to one-fifth of Australia’s 25 million people, and was due to leave the lockdown on June 30.

However, according to Beretziklian, you will need to exit lockdown to precede the zeroing of the number of cases.

“The vaccine – the key to our freedom”

New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Beretziklian has urged people to get vaccinated.

“Until a fully satisfactory percentage of the population is fully vaccinated, we will live with some degree of limitation and that will depend on how quickly we can overcome the peak of this outbreak,” Beretziklian said.

“The vaccine “is the key to our freedom.”

The neighboring state of Queensland has closed its border with New South Wales, citing outbreaks and shutting down one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations.

In the state of Victoria, south of New South Wales, a total of 26 cases were caused by known transmission streams, while 24 of the cases remained in quarantine throughout their period of infection, according to state authorities.

The state of South Australia reported two cases of infection as health officials tracked down two outbreaks. These were gatherings at a winery and a restaurant in the state capital Adelaide.

With large groups of businesses closed in Australia’s largest cities, the country’s $ 1.5 trillion economy could be hit hard by recent lockdowns that have forced more than 50% of its population to stay home. .

The Australian economy moved to pre-pandemic levels in the first months of 2021 as it had a low COVID-19 incidence.

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