Australia: For the third day floods hit Sydney – Residents leave their homes

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Its inhabitants are in a state of panic Sydney who were ordered to leave their homes as for the third day the city is hit by severe rainfallas a result of which the waters of the rivers have swallowed whole areas of land and the dam of Australia’s largest city has overflowed.

About 32,000 people have been told to evacuate their homes or be prepared to do so in the state of New South Wales, emergency services said.

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THE Australia is particularly affected by climate change and the country regularly records periods of drought, devastating forest fires but also increasingly intense floods.

Today the emergency response service announced that since last Sunday night it has helped more than 80 people.

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Many citizens were trapped in their cars while trying to cross flooded roads or trapped in their homes by the water.

Much of the suburb of Camden has been turned into a lake

This morning much of the suburb of Camden, in Sydney’s south-west, was turned into a lake after a flood overflowed.

Images broadcast by local television networks showed roads gone under water and caravans flooded, at least one of which had been overturned.

A large volume of water overflowed from the Warragamba Dam, which supplies drinking water to Sydney.

According to the meteorological forecasts and as reported by the Athens News Agency, torrential rains in New South Wales will continue for at least 24 hours.

More and more common

Off the coast of Sydney rescuers are trying to help a 150m cargo ship with 21 crew members. A plan to evacuate the crew by helicopter was shelved as it was deemed unsafe, police said.

Australia’s east coast has been repeatedly hit by floods over the past 18 months.

In March 20 people died in western Sydney from flooding caused by heavy rains.

Australia should prepare for more frequent flooding, New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrott warned during a press conference.

“There is no doubt that these phenomena will become more frequent,” he added. “Governments will have to adapt and ensure that we act according to the environment we are in.”

Source: News Beast

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