Australia: The government now describes Hezbollah as a ‘terrorist organization’

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The Australian government today added the entire Hezbollah, Lebanon’s Shiite militia – which has a military arm and controls much of the Arab country – to its list of “terrorist organizations”, which so far has only applied to its armed units. since 2003.

The strong Iranian-backed Lebanese Shiite movement “continues to threaten to carry out terrorist attacks and support terrorist organizations” and poses a “real” and “credible” threat to Australia’s security, the interior minister said. of Conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Karen Andrews.

Israel and the United States have long listed Hezbollah as one of the “terrorist organizations” they formulate, but other countries refuse to impose sanctions on the group’s political arm on the grounds that it would be a barrier to their relations. with the Lebanese authorities.

Hezbollah is considered a terrorist organization by several Western countries, but some are reluctant to characterize its political arm in this way, arguing that it would destabilize Lebanon politically and complicate bilateral relations.

Hezbollah, represented in the Lebanese parliament, is the only faction that did not abandon its military arsenal after the country’s civil war (1975-1990).

It maintains a strong militia, backed and equipped by Iran, and has been deployed in proxy wars in the region.

Owning or financing Hezbollah will now be illegal in Australia, where a large Lebanese community lives.

No explanation was given by the government of Scott Morrison for the decision, which is recorded while Lebanon remains immersed in the most serious political and economic crisis in its history.

Lebanese, nearly 80% of whom live below the poverty line, struggle to survive on limited resources, endless power outages, huge fuel shortages, and high inflation.

The next parliamentary elections will be held in March 2022; a large part of the population wants the current political elite, accused of favoritism and corruption, to step aside.

Ms Andrews also announced that the far-right The Base was being added to the list of terrorist organizations.

“This is a neo-Nazi, violent, racist organization that the security services know was planning and preparing terrorist acts,” the minister explained.

The governments of Canada and Britain have described the organization as terrorist earlier this year.

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