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Australia: ‘Worst female serial killer’ on the loose – Doubts over whether she killed her 4 children

Woman in Australia which has been characterized as “the worst female serial killer” and has already served 20 years in prison for murdering her 4 children, he was pardoned now is released from prison. New elements create doubts for her guilt, as recent research has shown that maybe the children died from gene mutations.

H Kathleen Folbig, who never ceased to maintain her innocencewas pardoned after twenty years in prison for the murder of her four children.

“I have come to the view that there is doubt as to Folbig’s guilt,” said Mr Attorney-General of New South Wales, Michael Daly.

THE Kathleen Folbing was jailed in 2003 on three counts of murder and one count of manslaughter after the deaths of her four babies over a decade from 1989 and imposed on her 25 years imprisonment. In any case, he was the person who found their bodies, though there was no physical evidence that she caused their deaths.

Instead, jurors relied on the prosecution’s argument that the odds of four babies in a family dying of natural causes before the age of 2 were so infinitesimally small that one could compare them to pigs flying.

They noted also the contents of her diary, which contained passages which in isolation, at the time, were interpreted as confessions of guilt.

As recently as 2019, an investigation into her convictions found that there was no reasonable doubt that he had committed the crimes. But another investigation was launched last year after new scientific evidence emerged that suggested a genetic explanation for the children’s deaths.

However, new scientific evidence proves that the death of children may be due to gene mutations. “A rare genetic mutation called Calm2 was found in the mother and her two daughters. It creates arrhythmias and sudden death,” says a report excerpt from Chanel 9. But both her sons suffered from a rare genetic mutation, which is linked to sudden onset epilepsy.

Although Folbig was released from prison, she failed to win her freedomsince convictions are pending against her which can only be overturned by a decision of the Court of Criminal Appeal. In this case, Folbig can sue the authorities for million dollars.

Source: News Beast

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