Australian Parliament Member Steps Aside Amidst Harassment Complaints

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A member of the Australian parliament has momentarily stepped aside from his duties amidst harassment complaints against him. This incident comes as the latest challenge to the Australian government that has been accused of sexual misconduct and sexism in the recent past.

Andrew Laming, a part of the Liberal Party in Australia had reportedly verbally harassed two women online. One of the victims stated that Laming’s actions had impacted her to a point where she had considered ending her life.

The Harassment Complaints

One of the women, Alix Russo stated that Laming had targeted her with verbal abuse. A report aired on Channel Nine showed screenshots of the Australian parliament member’s comments that made fun of the woman’s business situation too.

Another woman also came forward with the claim that the MP had been harassing her and her husband.

The Apology

Scott Morison, PM Australia, ordered his party member Laming to apologize for his ‘disgraceful behavior. Following the incident, the Australian parliament member announced that he would be stepping aside from his duties due to the harassment complaints. He also publicly apologized for his behavior and stated that he would be undergoing counseling and taking sensitivity training courses.

Andrew Laming has also been accused of taking a picture of a woman while she was bending over. Australian women have been raising their voices against gender discrimination and sexual misconduct practices in the country that are deeply ingrained into the political system of Australia as well.


Source BBC

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