Austrians are suspicious of the vaccine, says Brazilian who lives in Vienna

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The Austrian government decreed a lockdown for people not vaccinated against the coronavirus as of Monday (15). With the approach of winter and the increase of infections in Europe, the country is experiencing a new wave of cases. According to retired São Paulo state prosecutor, Marcia Elisabeth Leite, who lives in Vienna, the government attributes the worsening of the pandemic to the fact that a part of Austrians refuses to take the vaccine.

“Austria had a very low rate of vaccination, 67% of the population is vaccinated in Vienna and the government attributed this fact to the increase in coronavirus cases, combined with post-holidays.”

The same increase in virus contamination was registered in 2020 in this period subsequent to August and September. However, unlike last year, according to the resident, the Austrian government did not want to implement a general lockdown so as not to harm the economy. However, gradually, the authorities saw the scenario of Covid-19 reverse and, with that, it was necessary to review the easing.

TO CNN, Marcia explains how vaccine resistance occurs in the country. According to her, even with scientific proof that the immunizing agent is safe, some insist on denial and fear adverse reactions.

“We see here that the population looks with suspicion on the vaccine. And not, perhaps, like Brazilians. I have my family in Brazil and the vaccine for Brazilians came as a blessing, as a relief: ‘Vaccine, Thanks a God’. And here, no. Here it goes: ‘Vaccine? Does it work? I’ll wait and see’.

She also looks at how the new restrictions are causing people to travel to health posts to ultimately be immunized.

“Only those tested and vaccinated are allowed to work, study and have a normal social life. People who are not tested negatively and are not vaccinated are only allowed to go to supermarkets, doctors and pharmacies. Other than that, they are not allowed to do anything else.”

Last Monday (15th), the day of the decree, the retired woman tells how intense inspection took place in the capital.

“Five thousand establishments were inspected by the police and 400 warnings were applied with a fine of up to 5,000 euros. Those who were not vaccinated, or who did not have a negative PCR test to present, were invited to leave the restaurant”, says Marcia.

The retired prosecutor claims that the government acted in such a way as not to violate people’s individual rights, that is, it does not allow people to get vaccinated, but with its police power, it implemented a social regulation. “He disciplined how commercial establishments should be governed. It cannot attack individual freedom, but it can discipline society. And that’s what the government did. He established rules of conduct for merchants and for schools and other establishments, in favor of public health. So no one can say that they are having an individual right violated.”

Reference: CNN Brasil

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