Author grains: the Barilla exhibition in Parma in September

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Nothing comes from diamonds, but from wheat yes: it is called “Grani D’Autore – from sowing to harvesting Barilla durum wheat” the show which has just inaugurated a Parma, the most exquisite capital of food valley Emilian, to tell the story in the open local agricultural supply chain, a story of accuracy and love for the territory that makes environmental sustainability its center of gravity.

On the occasion of the “Gastronomic September”, An event that annually celebrates the culture of food, the exhibition outside signed by Barilla – already inaugurated in Milan between the Biblioteca degli Alberi and the Triennale, and curated by Maria Vittoria Baravelli – makes a stop in the ducal capital, on the Walkways of the Trottatoi of Piazza della Pace, in homage to the product that earned the homeland of Parmesan and ham, among the Byzantines, the nickname of Crisopoli, “city of gold”: the Pasta.

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The one with a capital letter, the most famous inside and outside the border, produced in Barilla factory in Parma – the largest in the world among the complexes of the multinational founded in 1877 – and made from wheat coming from 13 Italian regions, from north to south of the peninsula, with the involvement of 8,000 farmers and using 4 varieties of durum wheat.

The exhibition process is entrusted to the sensitivity of 11 illustrators from all over Italy, between emerging talents and established professionals such as Parmesan Cristian Grossi, fashion illustrator and video artist. Each with his world and his way of interpreting the Barilla Durum Wheat Manifesto, 10 key points to summarize the commitments and values ​​of the company in the responsible production of “a quality pasta with Italian durum wheat”.

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With warm colors and generous lines, the “boards“Of the artists are as welcoming as those at home, set for a steaming plate of pasta: on them it is possible to discover the stages which lead to the transformation of wheat into pasta shapes dear to all of us, from spaghetti to lasagnette and from orecchiette to mezze penne, to sedanini, to tortiglioni.

It’s a path of culture and culture, the one undertaken by Barilla in respect of the environment and local communities, which favors more innovative agricultural practices – like the technique of rotation – and exploits digital technologies the likes of, a platform used by farmers linked to the brand to learn about the best moments and methods of working the fields.

The exhibition, set up with the support of the Mipaaf and the patronage of the Municipality of Parma, is open for free until September 30th in the historic center of the “Italian Capital of Culture 2020-2021” (hosting, among others, also the del Pasta Museum, which welcomes the visitor in an area that has always been suited to processing wheat such as the one between the municipalities of Collecchio and Ozzano Taro).

And for those who cannot admire it on site there is the site, where you can visually enjoy a virtual tour among the ears of corn, know the profile of the artists involved in the project and download the wallpaper of the exhibited works (ready for printing and reproduction!). Where Barilla is, there is home, citing the spot. And where there is pasta, and “know-how”, there is definitely love.

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