Author of “PEC Kamikaze” says the proposal is to “minimize impacts” on fuels

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The Rapporteur of the PEC of Fuels Fernando Bezerra (MDB-PE) reformulated the measures and decided to abandon as it had been initially thought and to rescue in its place the so-called “PEC Kamikaze”.

In an interview with CNN this Thursday (30), the author of the proposal, senator Carlos Favaro (PSD-MT) said that the objective of the measure is to do “something simple, feasible, that could minimize the impacts” of the increase in fuel prices.

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“Without claiming to fix all fuel problems. So that later we can take structuring measures over time, and then have a new price policy at Petrobras”, added Favaro, who disagrees with the name “Kamikaze”, which was popularized.

“Kamikaze is irresponsible for the people to go hungry,” he said.

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The proposal made at the beginning of the year was called a suicidal PEC by the economic team of the Planalto, because according to Paulo Guedes, the implementation could lead to fiscal disarray and a rise in the dollar and interest rates.

At the junction of the two proposals, the government starts to grant benefits that will have an extra cost of R$ 38.75 billion. In this way, the Auxílio Brasil program queue would be zeroed, in addition to increasing the benefit amount to R$ 600 this year.

To allow for an increase in spending in an election year and a hole in the spending ceiling, the government’s strategy will be to declare a state of emergency.

“If we had voted in February, we would not have needed a state of emergency, because we were outside the electoral period,” the senator told reporters. CNN.

“Four months of debating amazing things, and he came to the conclusion that he has to do what is possible”, he added.

Source: CNN Brasil

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