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Authorities recover body of sixth victim of bridge collapse in Baltimore

Rescuers recovered the body of the sixth, and believed to be last, victim of the Baltimore bridge collapse on March 26, authorities announced Tuesday.

The victim was identified as Jose Mynor Lopez, 37, of Baltimore, Maryland. A CNN had previously reported that López had three children and was the main breadwinner for his family.

“Maryland State Police investigators, along with an FBI linguist and victim specialist, and a team of mental health professionals notified family members after confirming the victim's identity,” said Unified Command, a joint working group made up of police, the Coast Guard and other government agencies to respond to the disaster, it said in an online statement.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed after a 96,000-ton cargo ship lost power, crashed into the structure and killed six construction workers who were repairing potholes.

The bridge was used by about 30,000 Marylanders every day.

Source: CNN Brasil

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