Autostrade, Cashback starts: refunds via app for lost time

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Only in the last week the protests of two well-known personalities. Both against the inefficiencies of the Italian motorways. The first was the national team coach Roberto Mancini who reported, not without considerable anger, the failure to report the closure of a toll booth in Liguria. Autostrade replied inviting him to meet the workers at work. The second was Flavio Briatore. In the queue on the A10, also in Liguria, he posted a TikTok: “No tolls on the motorway and the drivers should ask for damages.”

The solution to inefficiencies will go through compensation, a new form of cashback.

It has been talked about and rehearsed for months, but on September 15th the cashback on journeys in the three thousand kilometers of the ASPI network, which are half of the total. It is a form of refreshment that arrives for those who are damaged by delays in motorway works and maintenance.

The app is called Free To X Cashback and allows you to report excessive delays caused by work. The reports are examined and, if they are considered valid (at least over 15 minutes), the person will be refunded part of the cost of the trip, from 25% upwards. In the most serious cases, the refund can be total. It will certainly come for all payment methods used, therefore Telepass, tickets with cash or payment cards. Those who have electronic toll systems can enter the device references to automatically receive the cashback notification, they just have to confirm the itinerary. Those who use cash or cards must send the receipt via the app. The refund arrives on the current account indicated or on the invoice. All information is online.

In the summer 6300 people often on the roads tried the system that was developed with the verification of traffic flows and the average travel times, but also the help of Google Maps. To have the toll refreshment, travel times are required that are higher than the reference standards, taking into account the presence of construction sites. A speed of 100 kilometers per hour for light vehicles and 70 for heavy ones is considered in the calculation. Delays due to heavy traffic, accidents, weather are not considered.

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