AvtoVAZ has suspended production of Lada Granta. Is the semiconductor shortage to blame?

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On June 22, AvtoVAZ stopped conveyors and production of the popular line of Lada Granta cars. True, the stop is temporary and the release of Grants will resume in about a month. The Internet portal “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” writes about this.

According to the newspaper, the production of Lada Granta cars will be suspended on June 22 and 23. Then, starting from June 26, the AvtoVAZ joint-stock company and all its member organizations will go on a single corporate vacation, from which they will leave no earlier than August 15. Consequently, production of Lada Granta will resume only in the second half of next month.

The official reason for the downtime was not specified in the order signed by the vice-president of AvtoVAZ, Mikhail Ryabov. But earlier, the domestic automaker has said more than once that the production interruptions this year are associated with a shortage of components. According to Nicolas Moore, who returned to the post of head of AvtoVAZ in June this year, the shortage of electronic components could cause more than one interruption in the work of the brand’s factories until next year.

By the way, over the two months of summer, the Russian automaker has repeatedly suspended production lines, where not only Lada Granta series models are assembled, but also Lada Niva Legend, Laga Largus and Lada Xray. Then the representatives of the press service explained the suspension by the lack of electronic components.

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