AVU – non-linear editor 1.9.3

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AVU is a mobile software that focuses on special effects for videos. We aim to help you create all kinds of cool special effects on mobile that you like, such as keyframe animation, 3D special effects, and text with special effects, among others. This is a new and cool special effects video editor that is simple and easy to use.

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AVU Functions:

  • Keyframe animation. Keyframe management is fast and user friendly and can be applied to animations, special effects, filters, masks, text, audio and more.
  • Huge library of special effects. More than 200 special effects are supported, including: dynamic collage, motion blur, shake system, color correction, turbulence, displacement, rich transitions and other cool special effects.
  • Camera tracking. With perfect camera tracking and 3D multi-view support, the effect is more accurate and stable. It can be used in virtual and real scenes and settings such as cyberpunk, text tracking, and promotional stickers, among others.
  • RSMB(motion blur). Accurately estimating moving objects and adjusting several parameters provide a smoother motion blur and drag effect!
  • Smooth action. Comparable to the CAE optical flow frame effect, it helps you achieve smooth slow motion in your video!
  • 3D model. Complete the 3D hollow model with just one image.
  • Pen tool. Easily draw various outlines and shapes with your fingertips.

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