Aylín Mujica revealed that she had an affair with… Mel Gibson?!

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According to the story of the Cuban actress Aylin Mujica, the actor Mel Gibson, known worldwide for his work in films such as Mad Max, Passion of Christ Y To a manhad an affair with her for a few weeks and, believe it or not, Aylin assured that she has witnesses.

In it reality show The house of celebrities 3the Cuban revealed that she had a fleeting romance with the also director, whom she met through a friend during a filming of a movie that was filmed in Mexico.

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aylin mujica posing in a garden

According to Aylin, it all happened in 2006, when Mel Gibson was in Yucatan recording the movie. apocalyptowhich is set in the Mayan culture, while she was in the same state presenting a play.

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The actress stated that a friend of hers who worked on the film introduced them, inviting her to take a photo with the actor. However, she Aylin considered just chatting with him about her country and her cigars, which seemed much more genuine, as the actor treated her to a tour of the film set.

mel gibson with beard smiling

After that, before saying goodbye, the actress invited the actor to see the play where he worked with the late comedian Polo Polo, Alexis Ayala and Lourdes Munguía. When Aylin told her classmates who she had invited to the show, they, incredulous, made jokes. However, in the second act they were informed that Mel Gibson was in the front row, so they were very surprised. At the end of the play, both actors went to dinner.

That was the beginning of a romance that lasted only three months, but the Cuban woman assured that she had a very good time with him and affirmed that the Hollywood star even cooked pasta for her and played a song by Pablo Milanés for her. Although the time they dated was very short, Aylin said that on one occasion, he used a latex mask with the face of John Travolta to go unnoticed.

It should be noted that the actress mentioned that she did not want to have a relationship, since her marriage was going badly and she was in the process of separating, but dating Mel Gibson for a few weeks is having played in the big leagues, according to her peers.

Source: Okchicas

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