B. Johnson: ‘We need to put money on the table for poor countries in COP26’

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“We have to put money on the table for poor countries” at COP26 in Glasgow, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the BBC today.

“This has to be done in the next few hours. People need to see that there is enough money to get started and that there are enough commitments to get started,” he added, as heated climate debate continued, which is expected to end late tonight.

We will not be able to solve everything at the COP but at least we can start, “added Johnson, who was asked about it during a visit to a vaccination center in England.

The issue of financial assistance to the least developed countries to deal with the effects of climate change is one of the major delays in reaching an agreement, while rich countries have not kept their promise of $ 100 billion in annual aid.

Less developed countries and emerging economies say they are “very disappointed” with the content of a draft agreement calling on rich countries to fulfill, even exceed, their unfulfilled promise, but without setting a deadline or specific conditions.

The poorest, who account for a negligible share of global emissions and are most exposed to the dramatic effects of climate change, also insist that funding takes into account the “losses and losses” from which they are already increasingly suffering.

All funds now require funding needs of between $ 750 billion and $ 1.3 trillion per year. A range confirmed by a draft expert report on the UN climate, which came to the attention of the French Agency.

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