B. Kikilias: Greece is the number 1 destination for Italian and French travelers

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“Greece is this year the number 1 destination for travelers from France and Italy” said the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias at Open and to the journalist Fay Mavragani, pointing out that – despite the global unstable environment – the impressive results we see in tourist arrivals and in travel expenses are the product of hard work and carefully considered planning that preceded last fall and winter.

The Minister of Tourism emphasized that the success story of the year is the agreement reached with the American airlines for 63 direct flights per week from the USA to “El. Venizelos”, as a result of which the hotels and shops in Athens and the travel destinations have been full throughout Greece with American high spender travelers.

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“We are currently only 0.5% down in arrivals compared to 2019 on “El. Venizelos” and 23% on Fraport airports, our regional airports. And the data we have from May and June show that we also have a clear increase in tourism revenues,” said Mr. Kikilias, underlining that the Ministry’s target is the commercial world and the focus, farmers and primary production that they give their products in health stores, to be significantly strengthened by the increase in tourist flows and to strengthen the average Greek family. “We are also strengthening the construction sector as 8 out of 10 investments in Greece come from tourism.

“So, as you can see, it is not monoculture. Tourism is a very large economic activity and constitutes 25% of the GDP. We will continue to work until the end of the season, which will be December, in order to fill the pockets of the Greeks. We must let’s do this. This is what the Prime Minister requested, this is the order, this is what we are doing,” said Mr. Kikilias.

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Source: Capital

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