Baby born with rare 5cm hairy tail – How many cases have been recorded?

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Doctors in Mexico were faced with an unusual incident, after they gave birth to a woman and saw that the baby she had one tailwho was hairy and even corresponded to pain.

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A report of the incident was made public at Journal of Pediatric Surgery and reports that the baby girl was born by caesarean section in a rural hospital in northeastern Mexico, notes the

Then, the doctors found that the baby had a tail, 5.7 cm at back of, where it consisted of hair. Thus, they considered it to be an evolutionary remnant and one of 195 rare cases recorded in the US, Britain, France, Japan, Italy and Germany.

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Nonetheless, when the tail was pricked with a needle, the infant cried, causing them to do more tests on its rare end. The x-ray therefore revealed no evidence of abnormalities or bony structures inside the tail, suggesting that it was a “true tail”i.e. a benign process consisting only of tissue and fat, which is much rarer, with only 40 cases have been reported.

The doctors decided to let the little boy grow a little and after two months they found that his tail grew by 0.8 cm. So, they put it in the operating room and they removed his limb with complete success, while they used skin from the rear to close the wound. Now, the little girl is in good health, since this particular adventure did not affect any of her organs or functions.

Source: News Beast

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