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Baby gender reveal party ends in tragedy in Mexico – The plane that “showed” the gender crashed

One party gender reveal party at Mexico turned into tragedywhen an aircraft involved in this beautiful moment of the couple crashed, resulting in pilot to lose his life. The future parents decided to celebrate the pregnancy together with relatives and friends.

And while everything was ready with the balloons and it was time to reveal the card, in a video document, taken by a guest of the party, the little aircraft to fly slowly towards where the party was. As the plane approached, he released pink smoke to reveal that the couple, from San Pedro, Mexico, are expecting little girl.

However, as the SUN reports, with the where left the pink smoke the aircraftthe pilot appears to have pulled the Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee up and the left wing suddenly sheared off, sending the aircraft into a frenzy until it crashed moments later, reports Daily Mail. In fact, those attending the event seemed oblivious to the tragedy that was literally taking place over their heads and continued to celebrate with the couple, breaking out in applause for the little girl.

32-year-old Luis Angel N. was the pilot and the only person in the small plane. He was found collapsed in the wreckage and rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Source: News Beast

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