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“Baby Reindeer”: Richard Gadd details scenes of abuse and reveals loss of almost 30 kg

Richard Gadd creator and protagonist of the series “Baby Reindeer” , trending on Netflix, spoke more about the production in an interview published this Monday (13). In addition to detailing What was it like recording the abuse scenes? present at the work, said that lost almost 30 kg to relive the moment of your life portrayed.

“Baby Reindeer” is based on real events of that experienced by Richard Gadd in some periods of his life. The man was chased by a stalker and sexually abused by a man in the entertainment industry at the age of twenty.

To The Hollywood Reporter, Gadd revealed that it was “very difficult” to record the scenes depicting his sexual abuse.

“It was very difficult to go back there. I remember going to prepare the recording days, the sexual assault days, and we put them together so it wasn't so spread out. I think it was the right thing to do, as it would only be two or three days in which we would have to stay in that area”, said the protagonist.

“On the way to those days, I expected to experience a big traffic jam or something, so that I could have more time to prepare and think about it,” he added.

Richard Gadd never stopped praising the actor who plays her abuser.

“The actor who plays Darrien, Tom Goodman-Hill, what a legend. I felt very safe with him, very comfortable. It's weird filming a scene that you know you need to film but don't really want to. He was such a good professional, such a good actor that he made everything so much easier.”

The star also revealed that lost almost 30 kg to relive such traumas from their trajectory.

“To play Donny Dunn, I had to go back to that space where I was at the time [na vida real], very injured and very damaged. I lost a lot of weight because I wanted to feel vulnerable and fragile in my body. I went from weighing 96 kilos to 68. I had to pull myself together a little when the filming process ended. Going back to these things is difficult. It brings things to the surface and makes you feel strange and a little unstable,” he reported.

Finally, Gadd also spoke again about not wanting the audience to look for who the characters are in real life.

“If I wanted real-life people to be found, I would have made a documentary.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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