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Baby Reindeer: the real Martha wants $170 million from Netflix

They should have expected it from Netflix that Baby Reindeer it could have triggered a reaction from one of those directly involved, and so it happened. Despite all the measures implemented by the creator and protagonist of the series Richard Gadd to prevent people from tracking down his real stalker in the end Fiona Harveyi.e. the character who in Baby Reindeer matches Martha’s name, she came out and, what’s more, suing Netflix in court asking compensation of 170 million of dollars. In documents obtained from Fox News Digital In fact, Harvey accuses the streaming giant of defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence and violation of his right to commercial control of his person. In particular, the request would be for: 50 million dollars for actual damages, 50 million in compensation for damages due to “psychological suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and loss of business” and another 50 million “for the profits of Baby Reindeer».

In addition to this, the woman, a Scottish lawyer, also asks $20 million in punitive damages. According to reports, the complaint against Netflix opens with a quote from the same series: «’This is a true story‘, Baby Reindeerepisode 1. The quote above from the first episode of the Netflix series, Baby Reindeer, is the biggest lie in the history of television. It’s a lie told by Netflix and the series’ creator, Richard Gadd, out of greed and lust for fame; a lie designed to attract more viewers, get more attention, pto make more money and for brutally destroy the plaintiff’s lifeFiona Harvey, an innocent woman vilified by Netflix and Richard Gadd on an unprecedented level and scale.”

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«Fiona Harvey claims that Netflix is ​​responsible for telling over 50 million people around the world that she she’s a stalker twice sentenced to five years in prison, and that sexually assaulted Gadd. As a result of the defendants’ lies, wrongdoing and utterly reckless misconduct, Harvey’s life has been ruined,” say the documents, which follow Fiona Harvey’s television guest appearance on Piers Morgan’s program during which she promised battle. According to the legal team following her, «Netflix destroyed a woman claiming, among many accusations, that she was a multiple-time convicted felon. She never contacted her. He never checked the facts. She has never made any effort to understand the truth of her story about him, and that is wrong.” Gadd’s version in Baby Reindeerhowever, was deliberately fictionalized as it was still a fictional series although inspired by real events and not a documentary.

Source: Vanity Fair

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