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Baby Sleep – lullabies and white noise 4.2

baby sleep is a collection of monotonous low frequency sounds for lulling newborns. The application will help your baby fall asleep without prolonged motion sickness.

The Sleep Baby app will help your child fall asleep faster and sounder with the help of classic monotonous sounds: hair dryer, rain, vacuum cleaner, heartbeat and others. As practice and numerous reviews of parents show, these sounds are the most effective analogue of lullabies.

Features of Baby Sleep app:

  • Pleasant monotonous sounds that have proved their effectiveness in practice.
  • Minimalistic interface, convenient switching of melodies.
  • The ability to record your own voice or another sound that your child likes.
  • The presence of a timer for greater convenience.
  • Tips and tricks for parents to help you use the app effectively.

Source: Trash Box

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