Back home: home fragrances to feel still on vacation

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The smell of the sea, of the luxuriant and flowery vegetation, the scent of salt and jasmine flowers. But also lemons and strawberries, of coconut and tropical fruits.

If, on the other hand, you have spent your summer in the mountains, surely the scents that will bring you back to those carefree atmospheres are those of mountain pine, stone pine, grass freshly cut or some deep-sea flowers like cornflowers, gentians, lilies of the valley or edelweiss.

EU, a bit like Proust’s madeleine, when we smell specific scents we are pleasantly catapulted into those atmospheres.

Who would not like, now, to be brought back to the carefree days of vacation when the only thought was how to fill the day between the sea, the beach, walks and dinners to discover the flavors of the place? But instead we are once again struggling with the daily routine made up of commitments, work, family and stress… And the relaxation enjoyed in the past few weeks already seems a distant memory.

We can though recall those moments and those moods of inner peace, joy and leisure with the scents of the house.

Whether it is candles, room fragrances, sprays to be sprayed in the air or on fabrics, l’well-being effect is insured.

And whether you prefer the fresh and exotic scents of seaside resorts or the more enveloping and natural ones of the mountain peaks, you are spoiled for choice.

Often, then, these furnishing accessories have packages that are also beautiful to show, and they become designer knick-knacks to show off wherever you want.

Without exaggerating so as not to turn the house into one profumeria, you can also choose different fragrances according to the various environments: more relaxing and gourmand for the areas dedicated to rest (bedroom and living room), and more energizing and sparkling for study corners or entrance areas.

In the gallery above our choices for an aromatic dip that will make you relive the pleasure of the holidays you have just spent.

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