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Back on the campaign trail, Trump once again says the trial was “fraudulent”

Donald Trump addressed the public for the first time as a criminally convicted person this Thursday (6).

The former US president attended a town hall event at the Dream City church in Phoenix, marking his first campaign appearance since a Manhattan jury found him guilty on 34 charges related to a scheme to bribe a porn star ahead of the 2018 election. 2016.

Trump referred to the trial as “rigged” this Thursday (6).

“I just went through a sham trial in New York,” the Republican said at the Turning Point Action event in Arizona, prompting boos from the crowd.

“With a highly conflictual judge, where there was no crime. It was invented, material manufactured. They didn’t want to bring the case. They could have brought the case seven years ago. It’s probably when you apply, they bring cases.”, the businessman added.

Trump will next head to California for a fundraiser before a rally in Las Vegas on Sunday, the first since the verdict.

The flurry of events marks a new phase in Trump’s campaign, with his New York case already behind him.

No longer confined to a Manhattan courtroom for the week, Trump is expected to intensify his public activity.

But as he returns to the campaign trail as a convicted felon, the urgency regarding Trump has become evident.

Now that he faces sentencing in the bribery case, his best way to avoid more serious charges in the other three charges he faces is to convince Americans to put him in office again.

Trump’s allies responded to this moment of historic sentencing with growing calls for revenge — both immediately after the verdict and if he wins back the White House.

The Republican also threatened his political opponents, continuing his retaliatory rhetoric.

“It’s a terrible precedent for our country,” Trump said during an interview with Newsmax that aired Tuesday. “Does this mean the next president will do this to them? That’s really the question.”

The rallies became a space for Trump to discuss his multiple accusations, test the limits of gag orders, attack the judicial system and present himself as the victim in a conspiracy to remove him from the White House.

The Republican’s campaign believes that the messages prepared the Republican base for the outcome of the trial in New York.

Supporters responded with an unprecedented wave of donations that flooded Trump’s campaign coffers with $53 million online in the 24 hours after his conviction, his advisers said. And appeals for donations centered on his convictions continued.

In text messages sent to supporters on Saturday (1), the Trump campaign sent a link to donate and wrote: “I’m still standing. 34 fraudulent criminal convictions can’t get me down.”

Still, Trump will not be able to escape the cloud of his crimes or the uncertainty he has cast over his third run for the White House any time soon.

The main unknown is how the general electorate will react to the first criminal conviction of a former US president.

The event in Arizona — from which 11 people were transported to hospitals after reports of heat exhaustion, according to the Phoenix Fire Department — was organized by the conservative group Turning Point Action.

The resumption of Trump’s campaign comes at a time when undecided voters could still determine the fate of the elections and comes days after President Joe Biden’s latest action to protect the American border.

Biden announced on Tuesday (6) an executive action that gives the United States authority to effectively close the border with Mexico to asylum seekers who enter illegally when a daily crossing limit is exceeded.

The Democrat and his allies framed his new policy as a move toward a lack of Republican action, noting that Trump helped kill a bipartisan agreement in the Senate to free up new resources to secure the border.

“The American people demand solutions to fix our broken immigration system, but every step of the way, Donald Trump and the Make America Great Again Republicans have made it clear that they just want chaos and partisan politics as usual,” the door said. -Biden campaign spokesman Kevin Munoz in a statement on Tuesday (4).

Trump took the opportunity in Arizona to deliver an extended response to Biden’s asylum action, promising to rescind it on his first day in office if he wins in November. “

“Joe Biden wants an invasion. I want deportation,” said the Republican.

Many of Trump’s remarks focused on immigration, although the event was clearly intended to also rally the Republican base around his recent conviction.

“President Trump has proven time and time again that he is an absolute force of nature that Democrats fear more than any other,” Turning Point Action founder and Trump ally Charlie Kirk said in a statement.

“They know that Joe Biden cannot beat him in a fair fight, so they have shamefully turned the justice system into a weapon.”, he added.

Trump’s campaign, however, was not concerned that the former president would overshadow the message on immigration by focusing on his legal battles.

People were taken to hospitals after heat exhaustion

In Phoenix, Arizona, extreme heat didn’t stop Trump supporters from waiting hours in line for the Turning Point event at Dream City Church.

People sought refuge in shaded areas, receiving help from heat exhaustion from paramedics and using water bottles to wet their skin.

“It’s hot and no matter how much water you use to cool off, it dries out and you’re left sweating and cooking here in the heat,” said rehabilitation nurse Amy Teske, 53.

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), the high temperature in Phoenix would reach 45°C, forcing local officials to open cooling centers in libraries and close some popular hiking trails during the day.

According to the Phoenix Fire Department, 11 people were transported to hospitals after reports of heat exhaustion at the event in Arizona.

With information from Reuters.

Source: CNN Brasil

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