Back to school in attacked schools in Espírito Santo is uncertain; government pledges support to families

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The government of Espírito Santo presented this Wednesday (20) an action plan to face the acts of violence that occurred in schools in the municipality of Aracruz last week. The municipality also helped to draw up the plan.

The plan was divided into four phases, stipulated by weeks. The goals are weekly or monthly and include support for the victimized families, in person or remotely, welcoming teachers and other employees, interventions such as painting and gardening at the Primo Bitti State School and adapting pedagogical activities for students who attend the affected schools.

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The members of the Situation Room, created by the state government to deal with the case, are reorganizing the school calendar of the units that have suspended activities until Sunday (4). The Secretary of Education intends to reopen schools next week, but has not yet confirmed dates or whether the resumption will be remote or in person.

“We are in the first phase, which is the most critical, in which the schools affected are closed. There are already actions that are being carried out this week, such as a redefinition of the school. The unit is undergoing a makeover of environments, painting and corrections to the physical damage caused by the attack. For the next phases, the actions are being discussed with the community, with the singularity that the case requires”, said Victor de Angelo, Secretary of Education of Espírito Santo, in a press conference this Wednesday (30).

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The actions also involve the Coqueiral Educational Center and the Coqueiral Municipal School, family members and professionals who provided first aid at the sites of the attacks, in addition to schools that were not invaded.

Schools also have reinforced policing as a form of prevention.

The Secretary of Education created a contact so that school communities can search for information and make requests by email: [email protected]

Four people died in the shooting attacks made by a 16-year-old teenager last Friday (25): three adults and a child.

So far, five people are still hospitalized: three in a stable situation and two in serious condition. Among the five hospitalized are two children aged 11 and 14.

It is under investigation whether other people were involved in any way in planning the attacks.

* Under supervision of Leonardo Rodrigues

Source: CNN Brasil

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