Back to school, the government confirms on 10 January

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Despite the proposals presented by the individual Regions to postpone it, the return to school of Italian students is confirmed for January 10th. Although the infections have spiked and the Omicron variant is increasingly widespread, the government is determined to keep the set date fixed. He already had it assured the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, during the year-end conference. The school calendar will therefore remain unchanged, despite the epidemiological situation having worsened.

Just a few hours ago the governor of Campania, Vincenzo De Luca, had asked to postpone the return to school for 20 or 30 days. “In the current situation of spread of the infection among the very young, the simple postponement of the return to school would seem to me a balanced and very useful measure”, he explained. “Taking 20-30 days of respite would allow to cool the peak of contagion, which will probably have another boost in January, and to develop, in these days, the largest possible vaccination campaign for the student population”.

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Eugenio is of the same opinion Giani, governor of Tuscany: «I have always been against dad and I have always looked for school in person, but if this is the epidemiological situation it is reasonable for the government to decide on a delay of one or two weeks.

According to president of Sicily, Nello Musumeci, “We have no difficulty in starting again on January 10, we will do it only if the line of infections were to drop”. And again: «It had been Prime Minister Draghi’s statement was imprudentWho assured him that he would never go back to dad. “But it is not the only recklessness said by the government: many times it has had to back down.”

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The Regions are also reflecting on the distinction between the different levels of school: childhood, primary and secondary. Quarantine could start at exceeding of different thresholds: lower in kindergarten, higher (3-5 cases) in middle and high school.

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