Back to school will not depend on childhood vaccination, says SP secretary

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In an interview with CNN this Thursday (13), the Secretary of Health of the state of São Paulo, Jean Gorinchteyn, said that vaccination will not be a requirement for children to return to school.

However, the secretary reiterated that the school environment follows all health safety measures, and added that 84% of parents in the state of São Paulo intend to vaccinate their children.

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“We have 86% of parents in greater São Paulo and 84% in the state that will vaccinate their children, without a doubt a very significant adherence, it should be greater, but for us it is very important. We do not condition the return to school with the vaccination process, all teachers are properly immunized, schools are protection scenarios”, said the secretary.

The first shipment of doses of Pfizer’s children’s vaccine against Covid-19 arrived in Brazil in the early hours of this Thursday (13). In the batch are 1.2 million vaccines that will be destined for the Brazilian government for distribution to states and municipalities, following the population criterion.

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According to Jean Gorinchteyn, the state of São Paulo will receive a “small amount” of childhood vaccines from the Ministry of Health.

“We are left with a very small amount, there are 248,000 doses of Pfizer’s vaccine, when, in fact, we need 4.3 million doses to protect and immunize children from 5 to 11 years of age,” he said. .

According to the secretary, the state awaits the release of vaccines, which will be analyzed by the National Institute of Quality, to begin the “immediate distribution” to the 645 municipalities in São Paulo.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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