Bad Bunny denies rumors that Gabriela Berlingeri is his girlfriend

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The rumors of the love relationship between Bad Bunny and the singer Gabriela Berlingeri arose in 2017, when they began to be repeatedly captured accompanying different events. Although it is news that had not been confirmed or made official, the possibility of a romance was not ruled out.

However, the rumor of a possible relationship gained more strength after seeing them together in front of the altar in the video clip of the song. Titi asked mean idea that did not seem so bad to the fans of the “bad rabbit”. But before the speculations of his romance with Gabriela, through an Instagram Live, the singer denied that the artist is his girlfriend, since they are only very good friends.

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Bad Bunny with Gabriela Berlingeri on a Telemundo red carpet

This July 2, bad bunny made a Live on his Instagram account, a broadcast that the Puerto Rican singer made in order to talk about the success of his most recent album a summer without you. In the conversation with his followers, the interpreter of callaita spoke and answered some questions from his fansamong which the obligatory question about his alleged relationship with Gabriela could not be missing.

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When questioned about his love life, the “bad rabbit” surprised his fans by confessing that the singer is not his girlfriend, since the only intimate relationship between the two is that they are best friends, so he completely ruled out the possible courtship that has been rumored for years.

We are such close friends, we are ‘best friends’, we are ‘besties’. Nobody knows, they just say “Ah, Gabriela is your girlfriend. Gabriela is your wife, Gabriela is your main”. Nobody knows what Gabriela is, I mean, Gabriela and I are just best friends right now.

Their live titled a summer without you lasted almost two hours, in which, accompanied by some friends, he talked with his followers, sang a couple of songs and answered questions to his fanswhich was quite surprising, because it is very rare for Bad Bunny to talk about his private life.

Bad Bunny and Gabriela Berlingeri in the video Titi asked me

During the transmission, the interpreter of Pretty eyes He assured that for him there is no problem if Gabriela is seen with someone else, since both are free and can have a relationship with whomever they want.

If tomorrow she wants to have a boyfriend, she can have one, because we are best friends. Like me, if I have a girlfriend, I can have her, because we are her best friends.

Bad Bunny with Gabriela Berlingeri sending a kiss

The singer took advantage of the occasion to make it clear that his private life is kept private, referring to the fact that it will be the only time he touches on the subject of Gabriela, since he assured that people only speak without knowing and create gossip.

Source: Okchicas

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