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Bad Bunny makes his Instagram private and sends a strange message on Twitter

For the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny, the year began by attracting the attention of not only the media and his fans, but also becoming a trend on social networks. And it is that he is not satisfied with the controversy that broke out due to the altercation that he had with a fan, now the interpreter of Pretty eyes decided to make his Instagram account private. Also, she left a strange message on her Twitter account.

In the last few hours, Bad Bunny took his followers by surprise by leaving a tweet with the phrase “They’re going to miss me”, so his followers began to speculate if it was a clue to his new projects, a break to rest or, going to the extreme, a definitive retirement.

bad bunny message on twitter

Faced with all the speculation, his followers realized that his idol’s Instagram account has now been set to be private, so only his followers In said social network they will be able to see their updates.

Everything seems to indicate that it is only a brief pause after an extensive international tour. However, so far there is nothing to confirm it. Although the singer wants to get away from the public eye a bit, it is not for less, since, as we will remember, many of the users spoke out against the attitude that he had in the Dominican Republic when throwing the cell phone from a fan I wanted one selfies with him and then he manifested himself on Twitter to make it clear that he should not respect those who invaded his space.

bad bunny red background

Both the altercation itself and his statements put him in everyone’s sights and a series of criticisms fell on him to the extent that his musical successes were also affected, since they dropped several places on the playlists. Faced with such media repercussions, the singer deleted the tweet and now, as a kind of “farewell”, he has created discord among all his followers. fans and detractors, because the reactions did not wait.

1. The one who says goodbye a lot…

meme bad bunny if you go away

2. Reasons to open TikTok?

meme bad bunny close instagram

3. For many it is good news

4. His followers will tell us the events

bad bunny meme for closing instagram

5. How sad

meme bad bunny makes private instagram

6. Hopefully he approves the application

bad bunny private instagram meme

7. So you guys say how private it is, it’s not that much

bad bunny private instagram meme

8. Maybe he did it to get attention and he succeeded

bad bunny meme on instagram

Source: Okchicas

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