Bags under the eyes, in Korea they are the smile of the gaze and they are created with makeup

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The eye bags they are a trait that one usually looks for HIDE or at least tone down. Thanks to draining massages and a wise use of correctoruseful tools to relax and illuminate the eyes in a few step. Some, however, do not consider them a reason to insecuritybut quite a bit cool. You will remember, for example, that some time ago, up TikTokthe video in which the beauty creator Danielle Marcan accentuated the dark shadows with the pencil had gone viral, as had his message from self love. «In 2021» she wrote in the post accompanying the video «I accept all my insecurities. Maybe even emphasizing them. And wearing them with confidence».

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In Koreasource of inexhaustible inspiration for everything related the cosmeticsinstead depopulated the trend that aims to highlight that portion of tissue appearing under the eye when you smile. Is called Aegyo sal and takes its name from an aesthetic medicine procedure, which became famous thanks to the stars of K-Pop, which provides for an increase in the volume of the strip placed immediately below the lacrimal groove. If who owns it of course, like the singer Jisoo from the Black Pinkis admired (and a little envied), all the others try to reproduce the same effect by any meansfrom fillers to make-up.

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By Asian standards, this roll would give a look innocent very desirable and sought after because it would accentuate the look smiling Of the eyes. Resort to surgeon it’s not necessary, though. The same effect can in fact be reproduced thanks to a strategic use of trick.

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Who would like to try to trace the coveted bulge can follow the instructions of the various tutorials present online which explain in detail how to use pencil and eyeshadow to create theaegyo sal. For example, the make-up artist with millions of followers Park Hye-minin art Ponyby popular demand followers he posted a video in which he explains step-by-step how to recreate the illusion of detail fold.

According to the Seoul make-up artist, theaegyo sal gives the illusion of one gaze bigger Why, then, not try? With eyeshadow or pencil brown we start by tracing a line under the lower lash line, starting at the level of the iris and then working its way outwards, altering slightly the natural shape of the eye. Smiling you identify the exact point where the fold it forms naturally; at this point it is outlined with a beige pigment slightly clearer than the one used previously.

At this point we need to fill the space between the two strokes with a light concealer and then give an additional one touch glow applying an illuminant wherever you want, without forgetting theinternal corner of the eye. As far as the beginning can seem eccentricafter seeing the final result it’s easy to understand that it’s actually a decidedly trick smart. Which focuses on an effect trompe l’oeil which, with a little practice, is not difficult recreate in front of the mirror.

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Eye bagsimperfection or characteristic attractive and even desirable? This is the dilemma. It depends on the country you are in, one would say. For the sake of accuracy, however, it must be clarified that the trick aegyo sal it does not aim to darken and weigh down the hollow of the eye. Quite the contrary: precisely because it is a typical feature of people’s faces very youngaccentuating the presence of the crease or tracing it artificially is considered a great tool for give freshness to the face. All that remains, therefore, is to arm yourself with pigments and a brush to try this technique firsthand.


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Source: Vanity Fair

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