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Bal Harbor: the Miami village where luxury and tranquility go hand in hand

Sunny beaches, vibrant nightlife, multicultural atmosphere, world-renowned restaurants and a relatively short distance from Brazil – leaving from São Paulo, the flight, without connection, lasts around 8 hours – mean that Miami has remained the favorite of Brazilians for years.

But a specific region surprises with the number of people speaking Portuguese, luxury cars, renowned stores and empty, clean beaches. Its about Bal Harbor Village often confused with a neighborhood in the city, when in fact it is a “city within Miami”, having its own city hall.

Bal Harbor's history dates back to the 1920s, when the area was originally a coconut plantation. However, it was only in the 1940s that the region began to develop as a residential and leisure community. Entrepreneurs Robert C. Graham, Carl Fisher and Walter O. Briggs had a vision to transform Bal Harbor into an exclusive waterfront retreat, leading to the creation of Bal Harbor Village in 1946. Since then, the city has evolved to become a true paradise surrounded by art, sea, gastronomy and, of course, luxury.

Encouragement of art

Just walk through the quiet streets of Bal Harbor to realize that art is taken seriously! With sculptures and works spread across its sidewalks, the region goes further and offers residents and all guests who stay in one of the city's four hotels a card that gives free access to Miami's best museums and galleries . In the case of tourists, to get the card, simply ask the hotel concierge.

O Unscripted Bal Harbor Art Access program was created 15 years ago and guarantees exclusive and free access to the following museums and galleries:

Accommodation in Bal Harbor

Staying in Bal Harbor is an invitation to stay in the region and enjoy its beautiful beach. And when the accommodation is at the St. Regis or the Ritz-Carlton, the invitation extends to make the most of the beautiful structures that both offer.

At one end is the Ritz-Carlton, with 102 rooms, with each floor housing just two rooms, providing more privacy for guests, and which is one of the region's biggest supporters and buyers of art. The hotel houses a collection of works of art valued at more than US$3.5 million, and a permanent exhibition with more than 400 works, which include paintings, works on paper, photographs and sculptures, is spread throughout the complex for guests to enjoy.

The Ritz is also home to a brand store. luxury artisanal fragrances Krigler fFounded in 1904 by Albert Krigler. The house has become beloved among American socialites like Grace Kelly, who mingled at Chateau Krigler 12 on the night she won an Oscar for Best Actress in 1955, and also counts Princess Kate Middleton as one of her clients.

Krigler boutique inside the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Bal Harbor

With the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Intracoastal Waterway on the other, all rooms have a balcony, a bathtub with a breathtaking view from a large floor-to-ceiling window and a small, well-equipped kitchen, great for those traveling with children or have a longer stay in the city.

With a beautiful swimming pool, spa, restaurant with a seafront balcony, gym and private cabanas in the pool area for up to six people, the hotel is truly a haven of tranquility, ideal for those looking for a calm setting, with attention to small details and lots of privacy.

Private Pool Area Cabanas at the Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbor

Another luxurious accommodation option is the trendy St. Regis Hotel . The development has a fully mirrored entrance with dark marble floors and huge crystal chandeliers. The impression is that you are literally “entering” a diamond ring. This triumphal entrance alone gives you an idea of ​​what awaits the rest of the imposing hotel.

A popular swimming pool in the summer, a huge spa with countless massage and treatment options, a sauna and jacuzzi and restaurants and bars that have become a hotspot in the region.

There are 214 rooms with beautiful balconies and bathrooms equipped with bathtubs. The refinement lies in the clean decor, the materials used and the amenities offered. If in the lobby and common area of ​​the hotel the proposal is to see and be seen, with lots of fun, when going up to the rooms an oasis of calm embraces guests in the spacious rooms that have beautiful views of the blue sea of ​​Miami.

In terms of gastronomy, the hotel has everything from the pool bar, with snacks and dishes for any time of the day, the Mediterranean Atlantikós, where an exquisite breakfast buffet is also served, the BH Burger Bar, with tasty sandwiches, the French La Gourmandise, and the St. Regis Bar, which recently underwent a decor overhaul and attracts visitors from all over Miami for its bloody marys, martinis and other drinks, in addition to its menu with great sushi and rolls.

For those who want an even more special experience at the hotel, since January they have been offering dinner on the beach, under the starry Florida sky. Each night, only a few lucky people get a reservation for this experience, where the chef creates an exclusive tasting menu and romantic tables are set up by candlelight on the beach, in the area right in front of the hotel. An incredible experience for special occasions such as birthdays, wedding proposals and other celebrations.

Gastronomy in evidence

It's impossible to go to Bal Harbor and not visit the Bal Harbor Shops . A shopping mall that is a true haven of luxury, with brands such as Lanvin, Balmain Paris, Chanel, Ara Vartanian, among others, and which offers a wide range of excellent restaurants, from Japanese to French cuisine, including Italian and Mediterranean. There are literally options for all tastes, making it the great meeting point in the region.

Bal Harbor Shops is the region's biggest meeting point, with countless big brand stores and restaurants

Where to eat at the Bal Harbor Shops

The mall has seven excellent dining destinations. Since the classic Makoto a Japanese restaurant that has two successful branches in São Paulo, even the Italian Carpaccio and the Le Zoo, which has been winning over customers for years with its French bistro and seafood dishes. Another highlight is the hillstone, which pleases all types of audiences with its menu that ranges from good rolls to meats and pastas.

Among the good news are the TAB restaurant Mediterranean, which has a unit in Chicago and another in Austin, which offers lighter food with influences from across the Mediterranean, mainly from Israel, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece; and the Avenue 31 which has a location in Monte Carlo and mixes the atmosphere of a café with quick snacks for any time of the day, offering pizzas, croissants and sweets, as well as providing a complete gastronomic experience with burgers, pasta and meat and fish.

Source: CNN Brasil

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