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Ballots: voting in 105 municipalities, turnout decreasing

Second round of the local elections, after the first at the same time as the European elections. Voting takes place until 3pm in 105 municipalities, including 5 regional capitals and 14 provincial capitals. The ballots immediately follow. TO Florence, Bari, Avellino, Perugia and VerbaniaIn the first round, the centre-left mayoral candidates finished ahead. The government coalition instead has the advantage Vercelli, Cremona, Vibo Valentia, Caltanissetta, Rovigo, Urbino, Potenza, Campobasso and Lecce. In the first round, 10 provincial capitals went directly to the centre-left against 5 from the centre-right.


Declining turnout was expected, but not with these numbers on the ballot. At 11pm on Sunday 23 June, 37% of those eligible had voted for the election of the mayor in the second round. Two weeks ago, including the European elections, the figure at the same time and in the same electoral sections was 16 points higher.

Florence, Bari and the others

In both cities the outgoing mayor is from the Democratic Party. In Florence Dario Nardella, elected to the European Parliament, gave way to Sara Funaro who he faces the former director of the Uffizi Eike Schmidt. In Bari it is Vito Leccese who is running, former head of cabinet of Antonio Decaro, also elected in Brussels. For the centre-right there is the Northern League member Fabio Romito. There are two cities led by the center-left in two of the four regions still led by the center-left that go to the vote next year.

An all-female challenge is being played in Perugia: Vittoria Ferdinandi for the center-left, at 49% in the first round, Margherita Scoccia for the center-right with 48.3 percent. In the 14 provincial capitals there are no candidates from the 5 Star Movement on the ballot.

Source: Vanity Fair

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