Banco do Brasil extends debt renegotiation task force until December 30

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Banco do Brasil extended the debt renegotiation effort. Special conditions can be accessed until December 30th. The previous deadline was the 17th of this month.

During this period, discounts reach up to 95%, for cash settlement of overdue debts.

Discounts on interest rates and terms of up to 100 months are also available for term renegotiation of overdue operations.

According to Banco do Brasil, the joint effort began on the 6th of this month and, since then, more than 42 thousand operations have been carried out, totaling R$ 634 million renegotiated across the country.

According to the bank, all customers with overdue and unpaid debts can seek a solution that suits their ability to pay.

The conditions are available to individuals, rural producers and legal entities that have defaulted debts arising from personal credit, credit card, overdraft and other transactions.

Customers can access the bank’s branches to renegotiate their debts and also the digital channels: website, application and WhatsApp (61 4004-0001). Renegotiation can also be done through the Customer Service Center (4004-001 / 0800 729 0001).

Reference: CNN Brasil

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