Banking scams nearly double in a year, survey finds

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Financial scams, also known as phishing banking (when criminals send a link with the aim of stealing bank information), have practically doubled in the last year.

This is what a survey by PSafe, a cybersecurity company, shows. Between January and July of this year, there were 5,091,384 coup attempts.

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In the same period last year, there were 2,581,200 attempted financial scams by phishing banking – increase of more than 97%.

According to the chief security officer at PSafe, Emilio Simoni, in the first seven months of this year, an average of 24,000 blocks per day and 1,000 per hour were recorded in Brazil.

prevention tips

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First and foremost: have a cybersecurity solution installed on your device, such as dfndr security and dfndr enterprise.

Be suspicious of any message that offers an advantage or reward, including PIX returns.

Keep an eye out for any different bank transactions and change your passwords frequently.

When making purchases, whenever possible opt for virtual credit cards, as they are easier to cancel. If the bank allows it, adjust the credit card limit to a lower amount.

Before clicking on any link, look for the official channels of the companies. When in doubt, you can always test if a link is reliable, free of charge, on PSafe website.

Source: CNN Brasil

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