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Barajas will not operate normally until tonight and Aena defends that “all available means” have been used

One week after the storm Filomena forced the closure of the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport, This still does not work with total normality, although it already works at 90%. The aerodrome will not accept arrivals normally until eleven o’clock this Friday, as there is still a lot of snow and ice, according to Eurocontrol, an organization that provides air traffic data.

Since the reopening of traffic last Monday, Barajas has been gradually recovering operations. If on Monday only 120 flights operated last Monday, yesterday there were 283, which represents 90% of the activity initially planned for that day.

Cleaning work continues and at the airport there are two operational runways and the three terminals that were in operation before Filomena: T1, T4, and T4 satellite. The rest are closed but due to the pandemic, due to low activity.


The Sepla pilots union yesterday demanded explanations from the Ministry of Transport, Jose Luis Ãbalos and the airport manager Aena about the device put into operation due to the snowstorm, and why it had not avoided the “greater airport chaos of the last years “.

The PP also criticized the minister for “the chaos” in Barajas, to which Ãbalos has responded this Friday assuring that “Obviously, it is not the same to open a road than an airplane runway”, since “the security requirements are different” in the latter case.

The president of Aena himself, Maurici Lucena, manager of the airport, has defended the management of the crisis and has assured that if the airport now works at 90% it has been possible “after an urgent work of more than 1,500 professionals during these last days “, according to Europa Press.

The head of Aena confirmed this Friday that “all available means” have been used, including all the snow plows to clean the airport runways, taxiways and aircraft parking lots.


Iberia was operating 72% of its flights this Friday (90% long-haul and 70% short) due to the limitations that the airport still suffers. “Due to the accumulation of snow and ice at Madrid airport, on runways, ramps and car parks, the number of operations that can be accommodated by said airport is still less than necessary, so airlines have to cut its flight schedule, “says the company.

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