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Bárbara de Regil is labeled “unpleasant” for her behavior in the novel ‘Cabo’

The controversies with Bárbara de Regil continue, since the journalist Luis Magaña assures that the staff from the soap opera Capewhere the actress participated as the protagonist, complained about her for being unpleasant and rude.

Now that the recordings of the Televisa melodrama have concluded, the production people told the entertainment journalist that the protagonist of Rosary Scissors it’s a real headache.

the actress Bárbara de Regil in the publicity poster of her novel Cabo is in a sunset wears a white beach outfit she has long loose black hair and a wavy hairstyle

In a segment of the YouTube show From story to storythe journalist Luis Magaña, who defines himself as a lover of the news and passionate about entertainment, reported that he had the opportunity to greet the staff who worked in the soap opera Cape and that they told him that the protagonist of the story ended badly with everyone.

It must be really down to play a stellar, leading character in a company you’ve dreamed of working for all your life and when it’s over, there’s no one to tell you: ‘Oh, what a pity, I’m going to miss you’; nobody.

screenshot of the Instagram network where the actress Bárbara de Regil appears, she wears a brown sweater under a white blouse, her hair is gathered in a low ponytail and she is wearing glasses on her head

I was really impressed because I asked them ‘how did it go guys?’. We’ve known each other our whole lives and everyone’s saying: ‘what a headache, what a nasty, rude woman’. She ended badly with costumes, with audio, with makeup, with hairstyles, with those of scenery, with those of lighting.

In other words, in the end, so that they understand me better, she took a bagel and broke it by herself. About five people approached her to break it with her because everyone hallucinated her.

Source: Okchicas

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