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Barbara Foria, the interview: Friends, children, love life

To the pain that hit her and which she survived Barbara Foria he has always responded with a weapon that he still wields with a certain pride today: irony. «I have been fatherless since I was little and, for this reason, I can say that I came to terms very early with the great pain that life can bring. There are those who transform them into songs and shows, while I fight them I chose irony, which helps me understand that we shouldn't take anything for granted and that I am incredibly lucky to do the job I do and to have the people I have by my side”, says Barbara with her voice a little lower than normal, which she is trying to cure through specific speech therapy exercises. For the rest, her life couldn't be fuller: after the brilliant speeches at the evening show of Friends is ready to land at the cinema on June 13th in the new film by Sergio Assisi My kingdom for a butterfly, which sees her for the first time in the role of a bad woman, and on TV first on Sky and Comedy Central on 25 June with Theathral show and then in September on Food Network with the second season of Crazy people from Naples.

It never stops.
«I'm very happy with the things that are happening to me, also taking into account that I have received several invitations to birthdays and weddings: if I got paid I would be richer than the neo-melodics of the past».

What relationship do you have with marriage?
«When we were children we believed that our parents would never split up, while today it seems to me that everything is more complicated, so much so that, after a month, there is always the risk that they will ask you back for the envelope you gave to the ceremony. But I would like to say one thing.”

«Nothing is forever, and for this reason I think it would be right to eliminate that phrase in the exchange of promises, because no one believes in it anymore. It would be more honest to recognize that love is eternal as long as it lasts, to quote the title of a film by Carlo Verdone.”

Are you saying this from direct experience?
“I think it's normal for you to have butterflies in your stomach for the first few months, but the risk of them becoming swallows and flying away is always around the corner.”

Who or what is she in love with today?
«Of life, of my work, but also of family, of affection, of love and of health. I'm in love with the fact that I get to do beautiful things that make me feel lucky.”

Styling Luca Pisciottano/ Hair & Make up Antonio Morici/ Location Antico Albergo Del Sole at the pantheon – Desio HotelERICA FAVA

Was there a moment when you realized that life shouldn't be taken for granted?
«I learned this early, and I think that, as my analyst says, this is also why I chose to respond to adversity with lightness and irony. I could have been a lawyer, but I chose to change precisely for this reason: to fall in love every day with what I like.”

The public certainly fell in love with her after seeing her at Friends: what was the experience?
“Incredible. Friends It's a huge machine that gave me a lot because it made me feel immediately welcomed and at ease. When the LED wall opened for the first time I was not excited, but infinitely happy and grateful for what was happening to me. Many people have written to me, both strangers and friends.”

What did they write to her?
«That I deserved it. However, I have a bit of a problem with merit itself, because I always tend to give great importance to all the sacrifices you make to get hold of particular opportunities. Many, however, I think they haven't given me yet.”

«I fear that there is a certain prejudice towards some categories: it's as if, being a comedian, I can't test myself in a more strictly political register of drama or satire, and I'm sorry about this, because it's all a question of labels”.

Many artists like Anna Marchesini have solved this problem by writing themselves the roles that no one gave them.
«I've thought about it, but it can only make sense when you feel you have something to say: to do so you have to wait for the right moment, which I'm sure will come. I tell you, however, that if I were to write a film about my life I would have to make a saga for all the pain and joy I have experienced. I would need at least three seasons as per Sea outside».

What would the first season be about?
«Of a happy and carefree adolescence, followed by a career as a school representative at school and a sort of Foria in Naples it's in Rome. I'm still writing the other seasons.”

In one of the most recent ones, thanks to My kingdom for a butterfly, plays the role of the villain for the first time.
«I put myself in the role of an evil and calculating character, and I trusted Sergio Assisi a lot on how to bring him to the scene, even if it wasn't easy. In life I'm someone who gesticulates a lot and makes a lot of expressions, but here I developed a bodily fixity that was new to me and which worked very well.”

Styling Luca Pisciottano Hair Make up Antonio Morici Location Antico Albergo Del Sole at the pantheon Desio Hotel
Styling Luca Pisciottano/ Hair & Make up Antonio Morici/ Location Antico Albergo Del Sole at the pantheon – Desio HotelERICA FAVA

Was Barbara Foria a bit diabolical as a child?
«I have always been a good child but, if they hurt me, I could make them cry with a word. I think I'm like that today too, a bit of a leader.”

What did that little girl want to do when she grew up?
«The actress, even though I come from a family where no one pursued that career and who made me try because they believed I would fail. This is why they pushed me to graduate in Law: to have a plan B.”

When will the stage discover it?
«At 14 years old: from there I never stopped, working my way up even in tourist villages. When I was 8 years old I said that I was an actress and that I didn't just have one boyfriend, but many. I always had the answer ready, not to mention that I have always played basketball in my life.”

Was she afraid to stand still?
«Yes, and I still have it. I'm very adrenaline pumped, I can never stop.”

The reason?
«I'm afraid of boredom, to put it like Angelina Mango. When we die you want to stay still.”

Does it have to do with the fear of being alone?
«I'm often alone, and at certain times I need it. Like when I write or watch a movie. As time goes by, however, I like being in company more.”

Does it scare you that in 2 years you will be 50?
«You can't hide your age, it's a bit like cellulite. It's always better to have something to celebrate than nothing, it being understood that I have never hidden my age and that I have always organized mega-parties for every birthday. I have lost many friends throughout my life, and from this I have learned how important it is to enjoy the moment and be together on happy days.”

He had no children. Have you ever experienced this thought with anguish?
«Not too much, also because I think I have never had a great maternal sense: it has never been my priority. I like children very much and, when they tell me that when I get old, no one will take care of me, I reply that I can always get a Cuban caregiver. There is another thing, however, that I experience with anger.”

«The fact that many mothers ask me if I'm unhappy not being a mother: if I don't allow myself to say anything to them that I am, why should they feel entitled to ask me such a question? This also applies when they ask me if I have a boyfriend. There I answer with irony: unlike you, I might even have several. In general, you shouldn't feel lacking if you're not married and don't have children, and that's why I hope that future generations will go in a brighter direction than ours.”

What is Barbara Foria afraid of?
«To remain without true affection. This is why I always try to do things that make me feel good: being with friends, making love, drinking a glass of wine, travelling, going to a concert, seeing a sunset or a good film. Culture and beauty save lives.”

Who is the first person you ask for help?
«My mother, my brother, my best friend: fortunately I have an extended family full of cousins ​​and friends who never leave me alone, and I can't help but feel lucky for this. We are thinking about making a nice commune one day, but we don't know where. I would have no doubts: take me to the seaside and I will be happy.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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