Barbara Masini, senator of Forza Italia: “This is why I support the Zan bill”

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His is not a personal struggle, but a battle of civilization. Barbara Masini, senator of Forza Italia, is homosexual and has a partner, but the reasons for which she is fighting in favor of the Zan bill are other. “I don’t understand why a homosexual shouldn’t feel represented by a right-wing party and above all by a liberal party like Forza Italia», He explained in an interview with Republic. «I must say that in the center-right I have seen a change: since it was said that the law against homophobia was not necessary, that homophobic attacks were not there or were few, to date.

Finally it has been noted that a law is needed, I hope that I too have contributed a little to this change ».

The Zan bill seems well conceived to her. “It’s fine with me the way it is. If we want to be pragmatic though, I admit that shared text would be nice as long as you don’t delete items founders of the law. In Article 1, the definition of gender identity is even provided for by the Council. Article 4 was wanted by Forza Italia, but if the problem is there, remove it. And 7 can be changed, yes, but not eliminated. All this as long as there is a pact between gentlemen so that the Chamber passes quickly ».

And if even Lega and Forza Italia argue that the Zan bill could threaten freedom of expression, according to the senator “freedom of expression must be balanced with inviolable rights guaranteed by the Constitution, such as that of dignity, identity, equality, personal freedom. First you have to be free from the fear of being yourself. “

Barbara Masini has never been a victim of homophobia. “Sometimes there are certainly compliments like: ‘Ah what a nice couple, you don’t even seem homosexual’, who know of condescension and I don’t know what other feelings they really hide. My personal journey has been difficult. To many of my colleagues and colleagues I would like to say that their decisions can touch their children’s hearts or grandchildren or friends “.

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