Barbecue Farm Phenomenon opens branch in Brasilia

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For those who have never heard of Barbecue Farm a little of its history: it emerged 6 years ago, when the first Barbecue Festival was held in Brazil.

Since then, it has passed through some countries, sold more than 30 thousand tickets and received more than 100 national and international chefs. With the pandemic, it had to reinvent itself and, in August 2020, it gained a fixed space to continue these experiences.

Considered as the matrix, the first Churrascada Farm opened in São Pauloin the historic Morumbi Farm House – for lovers of good stories, the place was built in the 19th century, when Brazil was a colony of Portugal.

The success was immediate, with interminable lines at the door, and even the opening of a sister, this time focused on fish and seafood, called Barbecue by the Sea.

Now it’s time for capital of Brazil l gain a unit in history Golf club. F Founded in March 1964, the club is part of the affective memory of the capital.

Long before its opening, in 1957, the architect and urban planner Lucio Costa had indicated the exact location of the countryside in the original city plan. Another detail is that the design of the course was made by one of the greatest golf architects in the world, Robert Trent Jones which, along with Argentina, are the only Latin American countries to have this privilege.

In Brasília, the venture took shape under the leadership of partners Ana Gabriela Cunha Roriz, André D’Alessandro, Paulo Renato Roriz, Pedro Ivo Velloso and Ticiano Figueiredo, who sought to follow every detail of the first unit to the letter, aided by the UmaUma holding company, responsible for Churrascada since its festival days.

At Fazenda, the smoked ribs dumpling made with smoked beef ribs, served with whiskey barbecue sauce and mustard sauce (R$32), is one of the house’s exclusive and best-selling recipes.

Practically unanimous in the taste of Brazilians, the traditional garlic bread from Fazenda Churrascada is made in a handmade baguette and baked in a wood oven (R$ 28). Another typical Brazilian creation on the menu is the cuiabana sausage, handmade with pork, bacon and herbs, served with farmhouse flour (exclusive to the house) and chimichurri sauce (R$ 42, two units).

On the menu there is a section called “Experience 481”, which offers customers the option of enjoying special and exclusive cuts of the house. The customer chooses the cut, its weight, weighs it and sees the butcher do the cutting and cleaning, and then it goes to the grill – here, wait for special items like Wagyu A5 – considered the highest level cut quality in the world, and the customer can “roast” the cut at their own table, in a small grill.

Fazenda Churrascada also features a section dedicated to smoked cuts in the Pit Smoker – smoking equipment, where food is exposed to smoke, with the aim of modifying its flavor, a technique particularly appreciated in the United States.

There are five options: brisket smoked for 12 hours with dry rub – a special barbecue seasoning -, served with pickled cucumber coleslaw and kale and whiskey barbecue sauce (R$69); pork ribs smoked for six hours and finished with barbecue (R$ 86); smoked termite served with barbecue sauce (R$69); beef ribs, a small window of beef ribs smoked for 10 hours with an exclusive coffee-based seasoning, served with cucumber pickles and barbecue sauce (R$189); and the smoked picanha with dry coffee rub and finished in parrilha (R$ 129).

The cuts that pass through the farm’s large 9-meter grill are: Ancho steaks (R$109); Chorizo ​​steak (R$92); Flat iron (R$88); Red diaper (R$96); Denver steak (R$82); rump bonbon (R$ 72); short rib (R$153); Duroc pork prime rib (R$ 63); whole chicken (R$ 52). All options accompany the house vinaigrette, made with green apple, green tomato, red onion, girl’s finger pepper and fresh herbs.

To accompany the meats, there are more than 11 options, such as the farm rice made with sausage, fresh herbs, crispy bacon and manioc straw (R$ 21); broth rice made with ribs and pumpkin, accompanied by a free-range fried egg (R$36); corn on the cob toasted with cheese and homemade barbecue seasoning (R$29); grilled beetroot, served with our sour cream and yogurt sauce (R$16); and the sweet potato roasted and finished on the grill, served with herb butter and sour cream (R$ 18).

In the complex there is also a shop with t-shirts, aprons, hats, knives, forks, cutting boards and a pit smoker from the brand, as well as a boutique 481, where the customer can choose various cuts of meat to take away, options such as Wagyu, Chorizo, Ancho, Diaper Red, Porterhouse, among others.

South Clubs Sector, Tr. 2 (inside the Golf Club) / Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday, from 12:00 to 23:00, Friday and Saturday, from 12:00 to 00:00, and Sunday, from 12:00 to 22:00 / Reservations must be made exclusively by link available on Instagram from Fazenda Churrascada Brasília or WhatsApp (61) 9 9290-2675.

Source: CNN Brasil

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