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Barcelona historic team stadium closed because a neighbor complained… about a riot

An incredible story, which starts with a neighbor complaining and ends in his refusal to cooperate, prevents a historical group from Barcelona, St. Joseph, to use its headquarters.

An annoyed neighbor is able to put a brake on the season of the team of Badalona, ​​Sant Josep, with a history of 82 years and hundreds of children in its academies.

The neighbor, Mr. Paregiada, complained about a riot, his complaint was officially filed and the team was forced to make improvement works, amounting to 30,000 euros! The sound insulation was placed on the side of the stands, after the problem was identified there.

However, some 24 hours before the start of the season, St. Joseph (owned by the Archdiocese of Barcelona) is unable to use its headquarters. In order for this to happen, the quality of the works must be checked. Decibel measurement and find that sound is no longer a problem.

Only there the neighbor puts his touch. He refuses to allow the inspectors to enter his house in order to check what is happening with the sound.

Source: gazzetta.gr

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