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Bardella says he is ready to govern France – He described Russia as a threat to the security of Europe

“We are ready” to govern, assured today the leader of France’s far-right National Alarm (RN) party, Jordan Bardela, during a presentation of his program for the parliamentary elections in Paris. “The National Alarm is today the only movement that can immediately and realistically implement the expectations that the French have clearly expressed. In two words, ‘We are ready,'” said Bardella, who aspires to become prime minister if he receives an absolute majority in elections on June 30 and July 7. As he said, his party will try hard to secure a reduction in the French contribution to the EU budget if it wins the election. “Germany recently secured a concession through negotiations,” he said during the press conference, adding that he would like something similar for France. Bardella called Russia a threat to Europe’s security and said he would be “overly cautious” about Moscow’s involvement in […]
Source: News Beast

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