Baronovsky: Approval of the Precatório PEC has shown a lot of political force

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In the frame Freedom of Opinion this Wednesday (10), commentator Ricardo Baronovsky evaluated the approval in the second round, by 323 votes to 172, of the basic text of the proposed amendment to the constitution known as PEC dos Precatório. Now, the text will be sent to the Federal Senate, where it will also be voted on in two rounds.

“The opposition will not give much truce either in the Federal Senate. We have strength from the MDB (Brazilian Democratic Movement) in this approval, but it seems that it (proposal) is moving forward with a lot of political strength to be approved and Auxílio Brasil to be implemented in 2022.”

For this amendment to enter public life, Baronovsky explains that it is necessary for the Federal Senate to approve it by three-fifths. “Exchanging in more practical terms, it is necessary that 49 senators, out of 81, approve in two rounds. And what we see, and even the [presidente do Senado] Rodrigo Pacheco has already brought it, because there is an intention for this to happen as quickly as possible.” Therefore, in his view, the implementation of Auxílio Brasil, using the resources of the court orders, “is already a reality”.

For the commentator, legally, Auxílio Brasil represents “the spirit of our Constitution”.

“It brings in Article 3 the fundamental objectives, among them item 1 says: ‘Build a free, fair and solidary society’. Item 3 also brings ‘eradicate poverty and marginalization’. So taking people out of misery and going up to the poverty line is still not enough income from an economic point of view, but it modernizes Bolsa Família.”

“Auxílio Brasil replaces, it modernizes Bolsa Família. It not only increases income, raising 17 million Brazilians from the poverty line to the poverty line — this is the intention, but it safeguards 17 million Brazilians who were greatly aggravated after the pandemic.”

Freedom of Opinion had the participation of Thiago Anastácio and Ricardo Baronovsky. The picture airs daily on CNN.

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(Posted by: André Rigue)

Reference: CNN Brasil

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