Bars and restaurants should create 100,000 job vacancies in the 2nd semester, says association

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A survey released by the Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants (Abrasel ) shows that 35% of entrepreneurs in the sector intend to hire in this second semester.

According to the entity’s president, Paulo Solmucci, the expectation is that 100 thousand new job are created, after an accumulation of 1 million new vacancies in the last 12 months.

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The survey also shows that, in June, the bars and restaurants reached the best result of 2022, with 37% of them making a profit in the month, against 35% in May. However, 26% are still in the red, up from 29% in the previous month. Another 37% have a balanced budget.

Solmucci points out that the sector is gradually becoming more optimistic, especially with the second half of the year.

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with the rate of unemployment retreating to 9.3% in the quarter between April and June, the lowest index for the period since 2015, and the increase in the share of Brazil aid for R$ 600, bars and restaurants expect more money to move around the country and, consequently, to enter the food sector.

“More people employed, restrictions are happily over. Food inflation began to recede in June. We started to recover the margins a little bit. Here comes the Auxílio Brasil of R$ 600, which has a great impact on the small entrepreneur in our sector, those at the base of the pyramid. I think the news is positive. And the World Cup, which always brings that better mood, more people on the street, the sector always moves a lot during the World Cup”, he declared to the CNN .

According to the research carried out by Abrasel, despite the evolution, the sector still faces challenges. The data show that 71% of entrepreneurs are unable to pass on the increase in costs. In May, this rate was 74%.

In addition, 69% have contracted loans, and 27% are in arrears. Among the owners who took resources from the National Support Program for Micro and Small Businesses (pronampe ), the default rate drops to 15%.

“We still have six out of ten companies operating at a profit, a quarter of them at a loss. These companies are unable to pay the debts accumulated in the pandemic. We have more than 60% of companies with overdue debts with taxes, with the bank, with rent. Hard life, although with signs of improvement”, declared Solmucci.

In view of the expectations of improvements for the second half of the year, such as the projection of more movement in bars and restaurants in world Cup , the sector expects to contain a potential loss. Last Thursday (4), the Senate approved an interim measure which releases the withdrawal of food aid money after 60 days.

O federal government has already signaled that it should veto the possibility, which Abrasel expects. The entity estimates a loss of R$ 5 billion a year if it is approved.

Source: CNN Brasil

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