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Bars in Greece are closed for reusing leftover drinks as shots

Bars in Greece have been investigated for tax evasion, adulterated drinks and using leftover drinks to make shots for other patrons.

According to the British website “The Independent”, authorities inspected different bars and restaurants in Kavos, a coastal village on the island of Corfu, in Greece, a popular destination for tourists looking to party.

Between August 30 and September 1, the Independent Public Revenue Authority (Autoridade Independente das Receitas Publicas or AADE) and customs auditors found that bartenders collected drinks left by customers in a can and then turned them into shots for other tourists.

The operation also found that seven party and catering establishments did not have batch number markings on beverage cartons, meaning they were serving illegal, contraband or adulterated alcohol.

Eight samples were sent to the Greek State Laboratory of General Chemistry for testing.

In addition, authorities checked whether restaurants and bars issued receipts and found that 26 local businesses failed to issue at least 40,578 receipts with a total value of 267,418 euros (nearly R$1.5 million).

With that, the operation fined and closed at least 28 establishments for 48 hours. According to “The Independent”, the operation will inspect other similar tourist areas.

Source: CNN Brasil

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