Battle for the Waterfronts – The proposals of the two companies for the waterfront of Zakynthos were submitted

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“Apple of Dispute” is the waterfront of Zakynthos with Hellenic Seaplanes and Greek Waterfronts submitting their proposals.

Zakynthos is the first island of the Ionian Islands that officially expresses its interest in creating a waterway through a tender, after the adoption in 2020 of the new law 4663 on the establishment, operation and operation of waterways and similar mobility is expected from Kefalonia, Ithaca, Meganisi.

The main goal of the competitions is the development of the network of waterways but also flights to high-demand destinations. Following the announcement of the tender announced by the Port Fund of Zakynthos, with no. decision Φ.35 / 620 / 5.5.22, the two companies that have been active for years in the field of waterways, immediately expressed their interest

The announcement issued by Hellenic Seaplanes states:

“Hellenic Seaplanes SA wants to invest with private funds and create waterways where the holder of the Establishment License will be the Port Fund and the holder of the Operation License where he will undertake the cost of construction, supply of equipment and In this process, the Port Fund or any other public body that has the Establishment License will be able, after the departure of the private investor, to outsource the operation of the waterway to another contractor.

Hellenic Seaplanes is resolutely moving forward with coordinated moves in its proposal for the licensing and management of the Zakynthos seaport, while also preparing its flight plan for seaplane trips to and from the island. Specifically, the company’s plan provides for the connection of Zakynthos with the available waterways of the Ionian Islands, Patras, while the connection with the waterway of Kalamata, which recently obtained a license to establish, is considered possible.

At the same time, the proposal of Hellenic Seaplanes for the Zakynthos seaport includes, among other things, the construction of the project with private funds, having the role of a central seaport in the seaport complex it creates, constituting the company’s base in the Ionian with attachments of up to three (3) many supporting infrastructures.

The President and CEO of Hellenic Seaplanes, Mr. Nikolas Charalambous, referred to the challenge of the tender for the licensing and construction of the Zakynthos seaport in his statements: jobs, new tourism products and for Hellenic Seaplanes, if it is the contractor, it will play a leading role in the work of the water network that it creates. Zakynthos, Mr. Vythoulkas and the competent bodies, we will continue to utilize and build on what we have achieved so far, planning the sustainable expansion of the network with the help of the Greek Government, very soon the country will have the largest network of waterways in Europe but and around the world We look forward to the developments it will bring “We hope that Zakynthos will be another destination that will be part of the proud network of Hellenic Seaplanes”.

For his part, MP Mr. Aktypis told Parliament that “We are satisfied with the initiative of the Port Fund to start the competitive procedures for the creation of our seaport as we see that we are getting closer to our goal, ie to bring seaplanes to Zakynthos The water park will serve the needs of residents and tourists, transporting them quickly and safely to dozens of destinations that before we did not even think we could go to. “The surrounding areas and the Ionian islands. The air link with seaplanes will strengthen the competitive advantages of the island as a destination, the local economy and the quality of life of the inhabitants”.


Source: Capital

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